April 13th & 14th, 2019

Burbank, CA

Ready to PROFIT BIG in your creative business? Think there might be a smarter way to build your business? Want to know the exact strategies that helped our clients go from struggling to six and multiple six figures WITHOUT working harder or wasting time?  

Join us in beautiful Burbank, California for our Play BIG Weekend Intensive. Take your creative business to the NEXT LEVEL. 

Why this event?

A Breakthrough for the Entrepreneur

Play BIG! is a turning-point live event, where you can annihilate entrenched blocks, totally revamp your business approach, and seize a better way for your business. Cutting-edge strategies and training, secret hacks and time-saving tools, hands-on work sessions and high-level live coaching make this event a “MUST ATTEND” investment for serious creative business owners. Calm down, move forward, and reconnect with the reason you started your business in the first place.  

You’ll go beyond mindset and models to participate in active planning, revamping, and on-the-spot practice — with tools and techniques that will begin to immediately transform your under‑performing, overwhelming business into a more creative, more energizing, and more profitable one.  

Benefits That Go Beyond 

  • Finally understand the exact components and growth strategy of a creative successful business, so you can build or transform yours into a fun, profitable, and thriving venture. 
  • Change the way you deliver services so that you work less and your clients get more.  
  • Keep yourself organized with easy-to-implement systems that reduce administrative headaches, improve daily cash-flow and keep your team (or yourself) moving.  

Come roll up your sleeves with us for one power-packed weekend! Get ready to ditch the drama, distractions or doldrums and Play BIG now!  

Will This Be Your Year? This could be the year you turn a corner in your business with breakthrough pay, class-act clients who adore and need you, super-savvy services you’re truly proud of, and a business that’s actually fun to run — all while having a bigger impact in your world and the world at large.  

Where: Burbank, CA  

When: April 13 – 14, 2019 (9:00am–6:00pm Pacific)  

Register Now: Seats Are Limited 

We’ve intentionally kept the attendance for this event limited to 50 serious entrepreneurs — so we can create an intimate, transformational experience. 

Be sure to get your tickets NOW.

Attend Play BIG


  • You are a Maverick Creator: Teacher, Artist, Musician, Producer, Inventor, Graphic or Interior Designer, Coach, Visionary, Healer or Alternative Practitioner
  • You are motivated by passion more than money
  • You are committed to your talent or vision at a high cost, or at the expense of a whole‑life experience
  • You are an extroverted-introvert: eager to support others, but shy about sharing and asking for real help on your own genius ideas
  • You are overqualified yet underpaid, either working to lift up someone else’s dream while hoping to fund your own, or
  • You are bargaining with the freelance devil, eschewing W2 employment to live your passion
  • You are living a modest lifestyle — brilliantly broke?
  • You are a buried in unfinished projects and undeveloped ideas
  • You’re ready to make good on the promise of your unique talents and skills
  • You’re ready to finally see your big vision in tangible form
  • You’re ready to seize your financial goals and make a real positive impact in the world
  • You’re ready to stop compromising on what non-creatives enjoy: long‑term love, family, vacation time, material gain
  • You’re ready to find a better way to make your creativity pay, more smartly leveraging your talents and capabilities
  • You’re ready to break free of money worries at last
  • You’re ready to have fun playing with other RIGHT-BRAIN WINNERS like you!  

What Are Those Who Have Experienced Play BIG Saying?

Why Attend?

The Play BIG Difference 

Many of our clients struggled before they discovered our Creative Business Breakthrough system. At the Play Big Weekend Intensive we'll show you step-by-step EXACTLY what you need in order to turn your creative passion (or your tired business) into a business you love that helps lots of people and pays you a handsome profit.

Unlock & Unblock

Focus & Enjoy

Accelerate Earning

You’ll learn key knowledge to change the deep-rooted behaviors and blocks that keep you stuck in unproductive cycles.

Learn exactly how to be spending your time so it takes less time to earn more and discover and implement systems to automate the grunt work, so you can spend more time in your zone of genius.  

Take the guesswork out of what to offer, how to price it, and if you can deliver results. In the room, you will create a powerful offer that helps you work less, earn more, and fulfills your clients’ or customers’ needs even better.


EACH DAY of The Play BIG Weekend Intensive is designed to get you learning and applying right away in the room, with daily hands-on roundtable trainings w/ key industry players in the fields you need to master - Branding, Marketing, Social Media, Money Management, How to Package and Sell your Products or Services, and more.  

PLUS, Play BIG is the ONLY event that offers these six in-the-room transformations for Creative Entrepreneurs, delivered in just two days! 


April 13th | 9AM - 6PM 

Breakthrough Breakthrough devastating beliefs and behaviors that have kept your creative soul, talent and ideas hidden from the world. Stop the ‘dancing monkey’ routine that has you constantly working to please and keep your clients, while draining your focus, skill, and passion dry. Release fears and worry about your business and step into power and mastery.

Learn Learn Melissa’s proven model for a successful creative business, identify where your business is and exactly what you need to uplevel your results this year.

Change Change the way you do business: Discover a SIMPLE but PROFOUND business-shift that will permanently lift you out of the deadly gun-for-hire, time-for-dollars model you’ve been slaving under, and have you truly contributing quality goods and services to more and more clients in a sane and energizing way.


April 14th | 10AM - 5PM 

Implement Build your business from zero to BIG in record-time, starting right away IN THE ROOM. Using our proven-by-clients-JUST-LIKE-YOU, right-under-your-nose techniques to help — even if you don’t have a list to speak of! (Even if you didn't know you needed a list or what a "list" is, or what to do with it.)

Revolutionize Revolutionize your business for good with our proven CREATIVE BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH PATHWAY, featuring three key components to REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR BUSINESS for both quick cash-injection AND long-term, reliable growth. Many businesses fail because they don't know how to grow. With this system, you’ll have a roadmap for creating continued success.

More kind words from past attendees...

"I'm grateful for the impactful weekend at PLAY BIG. Every day another layer of clarity was revealed. And oh my gosh, the mastermind lunch gave me a lot to chew on! (Sorry, just had to. 🤣 )" –Lynn Chaplin-Noe  

“I cannot express enough how much I appreciate the way you helped me change my mindset and got me on the road to making a decent living. When my neighbor asked me what I wanted to do in music, for the first time I didn't have 10 answers, only one. The words flowed off my tongue so easily I couldn't believe it was me speaking.” –Dave Christensen, Play Almost Anything Piano  

“Before the event I was struggling to make peace with earning a living from a freelance lifestyle. The event gave me a different perspective - one that empowered me to take ownership of my situation and to actively shape the dream life I want for me and my family. Thanks to the coachs’ training, encouragement and advice, I am moving forward with more confidence, focus, and (*drum roll*) higher-paying and consistent clients!” –Ryan Ricks, Film & TV Composer  

“I was stuck before I came to the Play Big event. I’d seemingly failed at promoting the best musical work of my life and had stalled for a year. At Play Big I received so much information I’d never gotten before. I was uplifted, energized and overwhelmed, but excited. Now I can move forward in my life. I’ve already got so many ideas for rebooting my career!” –Jill Freeman, Red Umbrella Productions

Absolutely YES!

I want to revolutionize my business so I can start living a creative and profitable life. I am ready to build the foundation for my freedom lifestyle and finally have a life that I truly love. Sign me up today!

Attend Play BIG

Limited tickets available. Secure your spot soon.






Do I have to attend both days? No, but it is much better. Let us put it this way, “Do you NEED to double your income this year?” Well maybe not, but if you WANT to know how you could do that, you’ll need to be with us for the whole event, (or as much as possible). You’ll WISH you’d cleared the decks for the whole time, you’ll see!

What makes Melissa or her team qualified to lead this event? Melissa has been coaching for nearly 30 years. With international and national acclaim, TV appearances as Expert Coach, high-level (Fortune 100 and 500) creative mavericks as clients and thousands of solo creative entrepreneurs who’ve benefited from her programs, knowledge, training and team, Melissa is uniquely qualified, extremely efficient and practiced at helping Creative Entrepreneurs build and prosper in business, career and life in ways they hadn’t ever imagined. Melissa’s team is hand-picked and highly trained over a 2-year period to produce results using the exact methods Melissa has cultivated and uses with her own private, high-level clients, giving even beginning business owners a distinct advantage from the start of their coaching experience.  

Do I need bring anything with me? You. Bring all of you: your fears, your dreams, your strengths and your skills. Bring commitment and courage to change. Bring questions (there will be Q&A opportunities to get live answers). Bring happy anticipation that your life and business can change the way you want them to. Maybe bring a sweater and lots of water too. ;)

How much are tickets? Is there a payment plan? Full price tickets are $197. It is really not a lot compared to other weekend workshops. If you need a payment plan, please email us at 

Is there a money back guarantee? Golly! Um sure, if you are disappointed after attending the entire event, and can honestly say you haven’t learned anything or gained one new relationship or piece of information that justifies your investment, we’ll cheerfully refund your money. Having said that, we do price the event affordably and have never had a request for refund for dissatisfaction. Come with an intention to stretch and learn in the room and you won’t likely be disappointed. 

Is there a way to bring a friend at a discount? We like your thinking! Not only does bringing a friend hold you accountable to attending and make you more confident in the room networking and learning, it also helps you to process the information you’re learning and makes the whole thing even more fun. Here’s a link to bring your friend at a discount:

Who is the material right for? The PLAY BIG Weekend Intensive is right for you if:

  • You are a Creative or have a small business that is currently earning less than $500K annually
  • You have an idea for a business but don’t know where to start
  • You have an established business that you know could do better
  • You want more time back in your schedule, more fun, better clients or better work
  • Your business sells services or products, especially in the creative, healthcare, beauty, training/teaching or information arenas
  • You’re tired of guessing at the best strategy, wasting precious time for small results and not having any fun in your business
  • You don’t want to quit, and you can’t go on the way you have and still expect to move forward  

Secure Your Spot 

Limited Spots Available – we are keeping this an intimate event so that we can deep dive and give specific feedback and hands on implementation of content. 

April 13th & April 14th

  •  Access to All Sessions
  •  Access to Sponsors
  •  Access to Daily Networking 


Engage with industry leaders who will transform the way you think about mindset and achieving your goals.

Melissa McFarlane is an internationally-recognized coach with nearly 30 years of experience in executive, business, and personal coaching. A sought after speaker with a wide range of career and personal enhancement topics on which she presents, Melissa also has designed and taught many training programs and workshops around the United States and abroad. Her work focuses on assisting her clients in taking responsibility for, and then realizing, their personal and group potential.  

 At Creative Successful Entrepreneurs, Melissa helps RIGHT-BRAIN creatives to make a LEFT-BRAIN living, and to get their big ideas into the world, where those ideas can make a difference. In her Catalyst Incubator, Melissa works with successful professionals who have accomplished much, guiding them to do more than they ever thought possible. Whether working privately 1-on-1, with elite small groups or in retreats and large group trainings, Melissa helps her clients to create new personal and professional visions, define timelines and action plans, learn skills, assemble support, maintain accountability and ultimately make good on the promise of lives. 

–Melissa McFarlane, CEO and Founder of Creative Successful Entrepreneurs

Patricia Morrison

Patricia Morrison is the Chief Programs Officer and Lead Coach at CSE. Patricia’s keen intuition and insights, along with her unique talent for listening to, articulating and genuinely caring for others. Patricia joined the team in 2010 and continues to be a valuable, trusted and loved coach to CSE clientele. 

Patricia is herself trained in visual art, writing, music, education and business coaching and has toured nationally as a contemporary folk singer/songwriter.  

–Patricia Morrison, CPO of Creative Successful Entrepreneurs

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