Terms of Service

NATURE OF THE RELATIONSHIP: Throughout the working relationship, the Company’s Coaches will engage the Client in direct and personal conversations. The Client can count on the Coach/Coaches to be honest and straightforward in asking questions and making requests. The Client understands that coaching is by permission and hereby grants the Coach/Coaches permission to coach. While the Company and its Coaches are absolutely convinced that you will derive great benefits from the Program and that Client should become as successful as you envision, we of course cannot represent or guarantee that you will attain a certain level of sales, profits or earnings as a result of the Program. As with any small business, each owner’s success depends on many factors, including your personal motivation, time commitment, how effectively you implement the strategies taught, and your efficiency in following up on each phase. The cost of the Program is an “investment” in yourself as a business owner, and, as with any investment, there is both great potential for a great return on your investment, and a risk there is no return on this investment. We can guarantee, however that you WILL learn a lot of usable and translatable strategies for success that, when followed by others, have produced exceptional, positive results. By signing below, you acknowledge that you have represented to the Company that you will pay the program fee in entirety, and that payment of your Program fees will not place a significant financial burden on you or your family.  

The coach/coaches has a background in business, marketing, sales, removing blocks, life and enterprise systems, multiple income streams, business and personal turnaround, productivity and performance improvement, and advanced coaching techniques. The Client is aware that the coaching relationship is in no way to be construed as psychological counseling or any type of therapy. In the event that the Client feels the need for personal counseling or therapy, it is the responsibility of the Client to seek a licensed professional.  

CONFIDENTIALITY AND NON-DISCLOSURE. You acknowledge and understand that the methods, processes and strategies taught in the Program and all materials provided to you constitutes our Proprietary System which is confidential, and for which we claim copyright protection. We have spent considerable time and efforts in developing this Proprietary System, which includes all materials associated with the Program, all business coaching strategies taught, and all associated coaching advice. You agree, to maintain the absolute confidence of the Program and our Proprietary System and agree not to duplicate, disseminate, distribute or otherwise disclose any part to any 3rd parties, for any reason, unless it is part of the Program or unless required by legal process. The Company considers Client’s future plans, business affairs, customer lists, personal information, goals and financial information to be Client’s proprietary information. And therefore the Company promises that all information provided will be kept strictly confidential, as much as possible within the context of a group program.  

RECORDINGS OF SESSIONS. You acknowledge, agree and authorize that all coaching sessions, private and group will be recorded by the Company, and that you will receive access to all recordings in which you participate, and that each group member will receive access to all group recordings. You agree not to use the recordings for any purpose other than your personal enrichment, and for further coaching facilitation with the Company. You will not duplicate the recordings for any reason without Company’s permission, nor disclose to any 3rd party, nor post any part of such recordings on any social media or online, internet site, or otherwise reveal the contents through any medium, without the Company’s express written permission. The Company will not post, duplicate or sell any recording to anyone other than members in the CSE private Facebook group, all members of which are bound by Company’s confidentiality agreement. You agree to hold us harmless from any unauthorized disclosure of a group recording by another group member, and to indemnify us (and any other group members) damages for your unauthorized disclosure.  

OWNERSHIP OF PROPERTY/AGREEMENT NOT TO INFRINGE. You further acknowledge that the Proprietary System and the Program are and shall remain the property of the Company and that you shall not infringe upon any part of the Proprietary System or the Program nor claim any part as your property, nor attempt to replicate or copy any part for your own competitive benefit, nor cause any third parties, directly or indirectly to do the same.  

RESCHEDULING OF PRIVATE CALLS. You understand our time is valuable and we understand your time is valuable and that occasionally the need to reschedule a call may occur by you or us. We will endeavor to give you at least 24 hours notice of the need f

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