I am so passionate about supporting creatives to thrive, because I am also a creative! An actor and musician to be exact.

In addition, I have built a successful creative business and helped thousands of other creatives to earn, grow and thrive with their own businesses, creative practices, and lives. That is why I am thrilled to be able to offer these resources in this season of giving, so that you can thrive now and into the future. I'm glad you're here and please spread the word to your friends, family and colleagues who could use some gifts right now. Simply copy and paste this link into a message to them: https://rebrand.ly/Giveaway-Participant-Signup-2022. Now, go grab those gifts and enjoy!

Being A Creative Can Be Challenging

The Gifts & Community We've Collected Make It Easier & More Fun! Simply scroll down and claim what you want.


YES! You can earn well, easily, using your creative gifts and skills, being your own boss, loving what you do. These tools and resources help you get there.


Find Your People: Colleagues, Collaborators, Clients, Customers, Mentors, Coaches, Friends & Confidantes. They are all here for you.


Inspiration and enjoyment aren't random. They come from consciously building a healthy happy sustainable creative life and livelihood. These tools will support you in making that real.


Creating doesn't have to be chaotic or crazy-making. It can be inspiring, organized and calm. These people and tools will help you build healthy productive creative habits.


You want to make a difference with your work, transform lives, inspire others. These gifts and people will help you make that dream a reality.

Take time NOW to choose and claim these gifts.

They will vanish after December 16th!

Mindset / Personal Development

This is how you do the work and live life.

These gifts and resources will help you retrain your brain and grow, so you can succeed and enjoy your success, so scroll down and claim the growth waiting for you!

Creative Successful Entrepreneurs

FREE ticket to the Seize Your Dream LIVE One Day Workshop

with Melissa McFarlane

Saturday, January 14th 2023

9:00am - 5:00pm PT

Gift Value = $47

If you're looking to shed old habits or capture better results or become a better you NOW, you're in the right place.  

The SEIZE YOUR DREAM LIVE Virtual Workshop is a visioning and goal-setting process designed to help you create radical success by clearing the past, clarifying goals, and committing to a new future with a tangible action plan. It is an ideal way to start the new year and help you grow your business so that 2023 can be your most successful (and lucrative) year yet!

This is a virtual online course with video trainings and a downloadable workbook that you will experience LIVE with Melissa to help you go through the process.


Sheltering Tree

Holiday Survival Guide with 1-on-1 Session

with Maryann Udel

Gift Value = $300

How Not to Hate the Holidays - A Survival Guide to overcome grief, isolation, overwhelm, and obligation during the holidays and beyond. Includes a 1-on-1 clarity call with Maryann.

Mission / Social Change / Purpose/ Goals

This is how you make sure your work is integrated with a life you love and helps you make an impact on the world..

These gifts and resources will help you discern, map out, and power up the good you can do for yourself and others, so scroll down and claim the impact waiting for you!

The Rebels Den

The Rebel Goals Tool Kit

with Petra Monaco

Gift Value = $67

The mini-course gives you a roadmap to set, plan and achieve your goals with the tools to help you break them down and make it feel easy. Inside the Rebel Goal Setting tool kit, you will get access to explore important questions before you begin to set your goals and how to be proactive about procrastinating so you can stop waiting until one day.

Craft / Creativity

This is why and how you do your best creative work.

These gifts and resources will help you grow your craft and feel inspired so you can be proud of your work.

The Infinite Creator

Creativity Coaching - One on One session

with Beth Lapides

Gift Value = $500

The Infinite Creator system helps turn your piles of notes into projects and helps you get those projects out into the world. In this one on one session we will focus on your most urgent creative decisions, with an eye towards your authentic voice and it's most vibrant expression in the world right now.

Infinite Creator intro calls are meant to help us see if we are a good fit for working together. And they can be life changers for creatives. If you are at a cross roads, a breaking point or so fired up you can barely sit in your chair - we zero in, zoom out and make a plan for moving forward.  

Easley Collective

Learn how to code and build a website from scratch!

with Kerisha Taboh

Gift Value = $500

In this 3-hour, introduction to Front-end Development, you will learn the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. At the end of this live virtual workshop, you will have built a fully functional website from scratch. And of course, you can show it off to your family and friends!

Business / Audience Growth / Marketing / Sales

This is the beginning of growing your creative income.

These gifts and resources will help you grow your audience, sell and earn, so scroll down and claim the income waiting for you!

Inner Fire, Outer Light: Make A Living, Make A Life, Make A Difference

Creative Changemaker Career Blueprint

with Leona Morrison

Gift Value = $197

The Creative Changemaker Career Blueprint is a hands-on one-day event designed to help creatives to design or re-design a thriving business or organization that makes a positive difference in the world, while providing sustainable and healthy income and a balanced and happy life. Live experience: Jan. 4, 2023. Recordings available thereafter.

Kylie Hodges - Business Coach

The Perfectionist's Pathway to Profit

with Kylie Hodges

Gift Value = $47

This comprehensive workbook will clarify your secret sauce, map out your marketing plan, and structure how to get in front of your ideal clients so you can get paid now!

District Bliss

Access to three Networking Socials or Workshops to help you skyrocket your business with ease!*

with Sara Alepin

Gift Value = $157

Use code "CSEGiveaway2022" at checkout

* does not apply to members-only events

Getting the prospects you need in order to be a successful entrepreneur can be stressful and time-consuming. Networking can feel overwhelming — let’s change that! Get access to three Business-Building Workshops or Networking Socials - our signature events where you practice your elevator pitch, meet like-minded humans who are excited to support your business, and foster meaningful connections with the best ROI in town! And, get our handy dandy networking cheat sheet that will have you prepared to get the most out of every networking opportunity!

Shine a Light Marketing

Online Marketing for Creatives & Makers The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Understanding What’s Necessary for Building Your Business’ Online Presence from the Ground Up + Friends of CSE Special Pricing on The Technologically Thriving Creative program

with Gina Blitstein

Gift Value = $1097

A 16-page accessible, non-techy Guide for those wanting to learn the basic principles, mechanics and terminology of online marketing to establish a web presence for their business. Plus, when you click the link for the Guide, you'll unlock the special, limited time, Friends of CSE pricing on my year-long program, The Technologically Thriving Creative, which provides the technical foundation for an online presence and coaching on that technology to assist in online marketing.