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Join business coach Melissa McFarlane on a LIVE training – this week ONLY!

Creative Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, & Artists...  

Where has your business stalled? Do you see others succeeding, where you keep failing?  

Learn how to live a healthy, wealthy life as a Creative, without compromising your artistic integrity or your creative freedom, by getting real business training from a Successful Creative, who did it all herself.  

This is a LIVE training session with Melissa McFarlane. Monetize your Creative & Artistic Talents and Breakthrough to Six Figures in Your Creative Business. And the best part...it's FREE!

How to have a thriving business as a TALENTED CREATIVE without selling out, stressing out, or giving up your artistic FREEDOM!

 THURSDAY, DECEMBER 7 2:00pm (PST) // 5:00pm (EST)

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About Your Business Coach

Melissa McFarlane Founder and Head Coach, Creative Successful Entrepereneurs

Melissa McFarlane is an internationally-recognized coach with over 20 years of experience in executive, business, and personal coaching. She and her team have demonstrated an uncanny, intuitive genius for removing barriers and cutting through personal and organizational roadblocks to allow real emotional, mental, and practical breakthroughs to occur.